GB Grand Slam

The GB Grand Slam is a national-level tournament organisation that provide ever-improving competitions and strive to improve the experience and direction of the sport of kickboxing. 

The GBGS team are made up of a commissioner, event promoters (including EPiC head coach Andy Cleeves) and an administration team. With a revolutionary approach to the tournament-day experience, the team are looking to build better foundations for the future. 

The events are synonymous with smooth-running and keeping to time schedules, with strict rules on weigh-ins and pre-registrations so that the entry process is like clockwork. The GBGS is a platform made for British fighters to earn their stripes and gain valuable experience in a professional and evolving manner. 

Each fight area has its own referees, table staff, facilitators (to help ready the fighters) and are helped by the main co-ordinator. The fight areas are national-level standard sizing and the competition level is a good standard. 

The GBGS arenas all are fitted with bleachers, so that there are top-quality views for spectators, showcasing points fighting, light contact and full contact at the highest national-level.